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For most buyers, it is completely unclear why in the fashion industry the same sizes do not match each other. The same sizes of clothes of different brands and different types of shoes fit differently, not to mention the fact that the United States, Europe, Britain, and Japan have their own completely different size charts.

About the brand and size

Mastering online shopping is a must for a modern person. So many people around are already shopping online more often than in regular stores. Why? So just a lot of effort and time is saved by the fact that you find the right brand and product in a few clicks. And yet many people do not trust online shopping, especially when it comes to shoes. They can be understood: the brand's size chart for shoes does not guarantee that you will not make a mistake with the size and the purchase will have to be returned. The hassle and frustration, as a result, outweigh the ultimate benefits. But why is there confusion with sizes?

Historically, there are several generally accepted clothing size standards in the world: American, European, Chinese, international, and CIS. It would seem that there is nothing difficult to remember, but the size chart of the brand is not an easy thing!

The size markings of different standards can differ significantly for men's and women's clothing. There are children! And pants and jeans separately, which are also for men and women. And the size of the brand's shoes is a separate story. Even online stores often warn customers directly that the size is not so simple, and the "dimensions" can vary.

Even though  international is the standard size of the brand and has clear lettering, the Americans still made their adjustments. So in many famous online stores, you will see SM instead of S, MD instead of M, and LG instead of L.

Hence we have Internet shopping is good and profitable for everyone: prices, quality, popular world brands. However, all this is so only until we come across a product that needs to be measured before buying.  It means clothes and shoes. And here begins a truly "dark forest". In principle, until recently, buyers were forced to be satisfied only with certain parameters and standards, but we managed to live to the happy moment when to compare the size of the clothing brand invented a "virtual fitting room" LookSize.

Why does the size M of different brands fit a little differently?

It is very important to know the dimensions of your body. After all, fitting clothes by parameters is personal, and sometimes fitting is a style, if we are talking about oversize. The important thing is that you define your personal style and enjoy self-expression. But if you don't know where to start, it will be difficult to play proportionately and experiment with different sizes.

This can be an  extremely unpleasant experience - especially when it comes to online shopping when you order a size that you expect to fit, and when you finally get a chance to try it on, you find that it's not the right size. The truth is that the approach of each brand is unique. Each brand uses an appropriate model, a real person with a fairly proportionate type of figure to try on samples and adjust the shape.

It is very easy to get confused in such a variety. The only way to avoid this is our LookSize widget. To solve the problem of size mismatch when shopping online, we have combined all the dimension tables of the brand of a large number of manufacturers and created a single catalog of more than 2,000 brands.

 The advantage of such an app is that it takes into account all possible differences between sizes and selects the appropriate for a particular brand. Also, the buyer should not make unnecessary measurements, as the program will "ask" only the necessary for the selected type of clothing. Another advantage of our virtual fitting room is that the customer does not have to enter parameters every time he wants to buy something - just specify all the important parameters when registering, and the service will instantly determine the size of the product. Additionally, after placing an order, the store receives measurements of the customer's body to ensure the correctness of his choice.



Current size standards create incredible confusion that does not help, but only harms customers.

The products of different manufacturers can vary even within the same standard, even more - the products of one manufacturer within different product lines can also differ. Sports shoes may have smaller actual size with exactly the same size on the label, for example, in casual shoes.

In this case, a fairly simple skill will help you. Namely:  the ability to understand the same numbers and letters that indicate the brand, as well as to correlate the size of different manufacturers.  However, this technique is not a panacea, because it is rather introductory and does not take into account all the nuances of choosing the size of a brand.

In order not to buy what does not fit you, do not forget to check the brand's own size charts by clicking the button of our widget - "Determine the size" - next to the garment you like. LookSize determines the exact size of clothes and shoes of the desired brand and is very easy to use.