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Virtual fitting room and its importance for online shopping

Did you know that a third of buyers who buy clothes online expect that it will not fit them before they even try them on?!

People all over the world face a problem: garments are rarely perfect for their parameters. And also clothes of different brands, but with the same value on a label, fit not equally. It is important to understand that the size charts from different manufacturers can differ dramatically. It is necessary to pay attention when choosing clothes in the online store, where there is no online fitting room.

It is difficult to guess which parameters the clothes from S to XXL correspond to. And if we take into account that within each of the tolerance of a few centimeters is possible, then what to do with the XS-S marking is not clear at all. The fashion industry has its reasons for changing clothing size standards. Some brands underestimate the size just to please their customers by showing that they are smaller than they really are.

The main problem with any brand size chart is that it is sewn for some "average" person. Therefore, the average circumferences of other parts of the body, the length of the pants, etc. are adjusted to a certain height and weight. To make the product fit well, clothing virtual fitting involves getting acquainted with its additional characteristics, such as waist circumference, back length, shoulder width, sleeve length.

In other words, you need to take a measuring tape and measure the basic parameters of your body. LookSize will take care of the rest. - A virtual dressing room designed to help customers determine the exact size without fitting and make a more informed choice. The tool will show how the clothes fit on the models that most closely depict the characteristics of customers.

Virtual fitting will save customers from trouble with measuring tape and confusion with manufacturers' size charts. And stores will increase the conversion of distance sales and reduce the cost of returning clothes.

Virtual fitting rooms as an alternative to real ones

In the age of mobile technology and new interfaces, buyers want to work with brands without intermediaries. How can an app that allows you to try on clothes help with this?

Conformity of the product constantly worries buyers on the Internet, consumers avoid buying clothes online because of ignorance of how the products fit - in size, suitability, or appearance. This barrier also causes non-environmentally friendly, unsustainable behavior in the form of multi-size orders to return one or more goods.

Significant savings of time and money, timely delivery anywhere in the country - all this attracts buyers to the Internet.  Improving the online store as a format is by reproducing elements of a traditional store, such as a virtual online fitting room.

LookSize has released a virtual fitting room for specific use on e-commerce sites. This innovative apparel app provides a customer-centric solution to clothing and footwear size issues, as well as prevents unnecessary order returns - a big problem for the retail business.

The buyer enters their hight and weight a special application of clothing size helps to find out the exact size - creates a virtual model based on individual measurements. Based on this data, the system offers potential buyers garments of a particular brand that matches its size.

What is the essence of the program? In short, the principle of LookSize is to determine the size of the buyer's body in accordance with the official size charts of brands or parameters of finished products. Entering the body parameters once, the buyer will have a certain size of any brand for any type of clothing or footwear in all online stores that have integrated LookSize. If the buyer wants to change their pre-entered parameters, they can do so in the personal account of the application.

Apparel fitting software - An application that allows you to try on clothes on a virtual mannequin, built on the parameters of the buyer's body. The widget is installed on the website of the online store in the form of a button "Determine the size". The fitting room recommends the size of the clothes to buy based on the body parameters entered by the buyer.

Standing in long queues in the fitting room is so exhausting that it is more convenient for the buyer to choose clothes online without leaving the monitor. The virtual fitting allows you to make the process of online shopping even more exciting. A visitor of an online store equipped with such a fitting room feels not only a buyer but also a stylist at the same time. In the comfortable conditions of the house or office, not being limited in time, in the number of things that can be tried on, a person is free to implement ideas and experiments in the process of creating a wardrobe. Most likely, a visitor who is satisfied and inspired by accurate fitting will want to become a buyer.

Online fitting room to help shops:

Online shopping is gaining momentum every year. The global mission of e-commerce is to compete with brick and mortar stores. During quarantine, fitting of clothes and shoes could have been  done by contactless courier delivery, but if the customer refuses to buy, the goods must be transported back to the store, so the whole process turns into a waste of resources. The way out of this situation will be a virtual fitting.

In order to withstand competition and not lose customers, offline stores are taking bold steps and implementing artificial intelligence. A striking example is the virtual fitting software. The main advantage of this technology is the absence of the need for a warehouse or finished products.

  • Do you have an online store of clothes and/or shoes?
  • Do your customers have problems determining the size?
  • Do you have refunds related to the wrong size?

We have a solution! We created a service for you to accurately determine the size without fitting - LookSize. It quickly and easily integrates with your online store and is very easy to use.

Next to each product on the site there is a button "determine the size". Clicking on it, the user enters a new window, where he/she needs to enter their weight and hight and the system will authomatically calculate all the body parameters like: chest, waist, hips, arms, etc. According to the specified parameters, the virtual changing room using the online calculator selects the necessary size and shows it on the model. So, for example, the girl can understand, whether the garment will fit her, whether will be tight in the waist, or will fit perfectly on the shoulders.

Virtual fitting for clothes - software that can successfully perform the function of attracting customers with an unusual service. In addition, the customers have the opportunity to save time, increases the convenience of working with the online store and decrease the number of returns.

According to our forecasts, in three years the software of virtual fitting will become a mandatory attribute for any online store.

Today, we offer brands a convenient solution for choosing and fitting clothes online, with 80% of the audience characterizing the experience of interaction with technology as positive.

Online shopping without errors and returns

Perhaps the most common reason for refusing to buy clothes or shoes in the online store so far was the lack of opportunity to try on a potential purchase and determine whether such a cut, size and pad will suit you. Size charts on sites and photos do not solve the problem of choosing the right product for more than half of buyers and lead to additional logistics costs.

Before you start shopping, you need to correctly determine your size of clothes. This is an important point. Even high-quality garments can fit silly if they don't fit. You should not spend money recklessly. However, more accurate knowledge of the parameters of its customers helps the fashion industry to save resources.

Now you can try on clothes before buying in the online store in our virtual fitting room to know exactly how your favorite garment will look on you.

LookSize users will be less disappointed with unsuccessful purchases and unjustified expenses. Online stores will have fewer returns and unredeemed orders.

Today, we offer brands a convenient solution for choosing and fitting clothes online, with 80% of the audience characterizing the experience of interaction with technology as positive.