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How can you try on clothes virtually without visiting the store?

What to expect from a virtual fitting room?

An opportunity for the shoppers who are tired of going out shopping and trying on ten dresses back to back, just to find LookSize as a perfect virtual clothing try on app. While shopping, they don't just purchase anything that is cool. They usually like more than one piece of apparel before you buy one because you want it to worth it. But sometimes, when someone is looking for some specific party wear dress in matching sandals then it becomes hectic because of swapping multiple apparels before finding the one. So, to drop all this hassle, because you care for your clients, then you need to introduce a try on clothes virtual in your store.
Due to current situation, physically visiting the store has already been bound to limits. Buyers, who used to go out to the stores, suffered a lot. But, sooner or later, everyone adapted technology. That doesn't just mean wardrobe and shoe collection but for everything from accessories to groceries. And with online experience, everything has become simpler. The same goes for the people who are buying clothing and footwear online.
Only one drawback of purchasing anything online was not to try apparel to find the perfect fitting. But not anymore. Virtually try on clothes service is for the exact purpose. You can now find a virtual try on clothing service like LookSize for your store right now. You can start today with a free trial opportunity of virtual clothes fitting room provided by Looksize.

What are the benefits of try on dresses virtually?

Try on clothing virtually is what shoppers need now. They will adore your store even more and will become your loyal clients if they aren't already. Here are some reasons, why you should opt for virtual try on clothes online:
The first and most compelling benefit of getting LookSize, is that it will be convenient for you and your buyers. For the record, 97% of buyers have already switched from physical shopping to e-shopping? Why? because, walking into the store, in COVID crisis, taking ten hangers and trying them all is very inconvenient. And try on virtual clothes remove all that hassle.
You won't have to be worried about losing customers anymore. You can make it easy for your clients by signing up to LookSize virtual clothes fitting app. They won’t have to go anywhere else, once you introduce this solution as their only problem and fear of getting ill-fitted clothes.
Reduced return ratio:
The biggest challenge you might have faced during the crisis is high ratio of returning products. Many brands had to suffer from this before try dress virtual option was introduced and brought up in the e-market. Every brand has their own sizes. And shoppers don’t know that the medium size they always purchase is from another brand and this brand’s medium size will be too big. Ill-fitting apparel is the cause of increase in returning ratio. It also hits the morality and market value of the store and increases the loss because that product was away for long time and then back at dummy when it has already lost 70% sales value. So, trying clothes on virtually can make a huge and positive change to return ratio.
Loyal clients:
Virtual clothes try on, by sitting at your couch, with a pack of snacks in hand; who wouldn’t want that? You are only one step away from getting more loyal clients. If you have to assist your clients in every way possible then you have to connect with them. And the first step to that is to provide them on their doorsteps. Try on clothes virtually can make them feel safe too. And yes, 37% of buyers also feel like virtual clothing try on, and shopping online is even more fun.
Better vision and image of brand:
when your store launches something relatively new, then it brings your store in a limelight. Even after knowing how useful virtual clothes fitting room can be, many store owners are still insecure and double-minded about trying them. so, if you take a step forward and lunch your very own LookSize virtual try on clothing to facilitate your customers to try clothes on virtually then it will enhance the image of your brand and your store will be considered up-to-date.


How can you try on virtual clothes?

This question might surprise you if you haven’t used virtual fitting room tech before. But in this latest tech era, it won’t be any harder than downloading an virtual clothing try on app and installing it.

Let us tell you how LookSize works:

First of all, you need to go to LookSize.com.

Then it’s up to you if you want to gather more information about virtual clothing try on app or take a look at the list of clients.

Otherwise, what you need to do is go for a “Free trial”.

Yes, another good thing about LookSize is that it allows you to try it for free for your online store. In your free trial, you can observe how it works, what it does to your clients, and how LookSize makes your store appreciable for your shoppers.

In your free trial, LookSize will ask about your brand name and will ask you to add your profile by entering your body measurements like height, weight, hips, waist, and neck measurements in centimeters.

After you have added your information, you will have to wait for a few hours. The LookSize administration will follow up on your request and take into account all the details of your store. After they are satisfied with the provided details, LookSize will allow you to go for a free trial.

At the end of a free trial, when you know that LookSize is best suitable virtual clothes fitting for you and could benefit you in all the ways you ever imagined, then you can look up pricing plans. According to your store capability and your business strength, you can choose from small, medium, or large pricing plans depending on your business scale. You will not regret it once you see your return rates significantly decreasing.

How virtual try-on clothing can help online stores?

Many online stores are now turning towards virtual try-on clothes online. It is because their customer has an opportunity to try dresses virtually then their experience at shopping gets better. With a better shopping experience, customers attract more buyers and eventually shop more.

All kinds of clothing can be searched for the perfect fit with the help of try dress virtual. If you get yourself a virtual try-on dress facility, then it will help your store grow better and bring more loyal customers.

Many famous brands like MAC cosmetics and Adidas have switched to virtual fitting room tech. Not just clothing, but shoes, accessories, and jewelry, all kinds of apparel could be tried on virtually for fitting as well as style and design check.

LookSize on the other hand works for virtually trying on clothes. If you want to experience it by yourself, try it now.

Is there a way to try on clothes virtually?

Yes, there is a way to try on clothes virtually! With the latest advancements in technology, you can now try on clothes without ever leaving your home. Programs such as virtual try-on apps use 3D image simulation patterns or body scanning technologies to provide an accurate representation of how clothes will look on your body. This allows you to try on different styles and sizes before making a purchase, ensuring that the clothing fits perfectly.

Is there an app that lets you try on clothes?

When it comes to trying on clothes virtually, Look Size is a great option. It is an app that helps you try out different pieces of clothing without ever having to step foot in a store. The app utilizes augmented reality and 3D body mapping technology to let you try on clothes from anywhere with just your phone. You can try out different styles, sizes, and colors with ease and accuracy before making a purchase. With Look Size, you can try on clothes from any brand or retailer from the comfort of your own home. The app also keeps track of all the clothes you try on so you can easily reference them later when shopping again. So if you're looking for an easy way to try on clothes virtually, Look Size is definitely worth checking out!

With the rapid advancement of technology, more and more clothing brands are beginning to offer virtual try on options for their customers. For example, LookSize has been leading the industry in virtual try on, which allows shoppers to try on clothes virtually before they commit to buying them.
Overall, the implementation of virtual try-on technologies is drastically changing the online shopping experience and offering shoppers more convenience and autonomy over their wardrobe selections.

Can virtually trying on apparel help in selecting the correct size?

Yes, virtual try-on of apparel can help in selecting the correct size. By using virtual try-on technology, customers are able to get a real time preview of how an item of clothing will look on them and also accurately measure the fit. This helps customers select the correct size that flatters their body shape and suits their personal style preferences. Virtual try-on technology also allows customers to try different sizes with ease, making it much easier to compare various items and select the right one. Additionally, virtual try-on can save customers time and money by reducing returns due to incorrect measurements or wrong sizing choices.

Does virtual try to increase sales?

Virtual try-on technology has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for shoppers to try on clothes without ever leaving their homes. This kind of technology offers a unique and convenient way for customers to try on clothing pieces virtually, allowing them to visualize how an outfit looks on them and get an idea of the fit without having to try it on physically. By offering this kind of virtual try-on experience, retailers are hoping to increase their sales.

Studies have shown that when customers can try on clothes virtually, they are more likely to purchase items online than those shopping without virtual try-on tools. When shoppers can try clothing pieces on virtually, they are able to see how the item fits and looks before they buy it, which provides greater assurance that they will be happy with their purchase. Additionally, using virtual try-on technologies allows retailers to showcase all available sizes and colors of clothing items so that shoppers can get a full view of what is available.

Using virtual try-on technologies is also a great way for retailers to connect with customers in innovative ways. For example, some brands have even implemented augmented reality (AR) features into their virtual try-on tools so that shoppers can get a more immersive experience when trying on clothes.

By leveraging AR technology, brands can not only create unique experiences for shoppers but also give them an incentive to complete the purchase. All of these factors provide a strong incentive for retailers to invest in virtual try-on technologies as a way to increase sales and spike customer engagement levels.

Why are people buying virtual clothes?

People are buying virtual clothes for a variety of reasons. The primary benefit is convenience and immediacy: shoppers can try on a range of styles quickly from the comfort of their own home. It also eliminates the need to travel to stores, try on multiple items at once, or even purchase samples that may not fit well or require tailoring. In addition, virtual try-on technology allows shoppers to compare exact outfits side-by-side for size and color options, making it easier than ever before to find the perfect style match. Finally, virtual try-on services allow customers to receive accurate measurements and feedback in real time which helps them pick out the right clothing item quicker.

What does virtual shopping mean?

Virtual shopping is an increasingly popular way to try on clothes without actually going to a physical store. Virtual try-on technology allows shoppers to try on clothing virtually, using either a computer or mobile device with a camera. This technology makes it easier for shoppers to try on and find items that fit them well, as well as try out different styles and colors in the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, virtual try-on technology also provides accurate body shape measurements which can help consumers find the right size and fit for their desired clothing items. Ultimately, virtual try-on technology eliminates the need for dressing rooms, long queues in stores and the hassle of having to travel to a physical store; thus making virtual shopping a much more convenient way of trying on clothes.

Why businesses should leverage In-Store and Online virtual trying on clothes

Virtual trying on clothes is becoming increasingly popular as a way for businesses to capitalize on the convenience that virtual shopping has to offer. Not only can customers try on clothes without actually having to drive to the store, but virtual trying-on also eliminates many of the frustrations associated with traditional in-store shopping, like long lines and limited availability of size and color options. With virtual fitting rooms, customers can quickly and easily find their perfect fit and purchase items with confidence.

For businesses, virtual trying on clothes provides a number of distinct advantages. Firstly, virtual fitting rooms save time spent in physical stores. Clients can take their time choosing the right style or size without having to worry about being rushed by other shoppers or salespeople. In addition, virtual fitting rooms enable customers to shop around more efficiently; they can compare different styles side by side while simultaneously seeing how they look on them before making a purchasing decision. This helps improve customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty towards brands.

Furthermore, virtual fitting rooms provide businesses with valuable data about customer preferences and behaviors that are not available from traditional in-store shopping experiences. For example, virtual fitting room data can reveal what types of clothes people prefer when given certain sizes and colors or which items are most popular among different demographic groups. This information helps business owners make more informed decisions about product selection or pricing strategies.

Finally, virtual fitting rooms allow businesses to offer better customer service for online shoppers who may not be able to physically come into stores for sizing purposes or who find it difficult taking measurements themselves at home. By combining virtual technology with customer service functions such as live video chat support, businesses can deliver an exceptional experience despite these challenges.

Welcome to Looksize

Welcome to Looksize, the virtual platform that lets you try on clothes without ever having to leave your house. With Looksize virtual clothing try on app, you can browse thousands of pieces of apparel, view them on a virtual model, and find out what size works best for you. The virtual models are tailored to your measurements, so you can guarantee that every item will fit perfectly. Plus, with virtual reality technology and 3D images, you can see how the clothing looks from all angles - giving you a realistic shopping experience. Shopping for clothes has never been easier or more convenient!
In conclusion, leveraging both in-store and online virtual trying on clothes offers numerous benefits for businesses: improved customer satisfaction through efficient shopping processes, valuable insights into consumer behavior, and enhanced customer service experience for online shoppers unable to access physical stores. For these reasons, virtual fitting rooms should be strongly considered by any business looking to maximize its presence in a competitive digital marketplace.

Sizing charts and brands in Looksize virtual fitting room

Looksize virtual fitting room allows users to easily find the best size and fit for their clothes shopping needs. It utilizes a sophisticated virtual sizing chart that accurately measures a user's body shape and size, allowing them to find the perfect fit from any brand available on Looksize. Not only does this save time, but it also eliminates the cost of buying clothes in multiple sizes for exchange or return. The virtual fitting room also provides detailed information about each clothing item, including fabric type, color options, and design features. By combining virtual sizing charts with real-time feedback from customers about the fit of certain brands and styles, Looksize helps users make informed decisions about their purchases before they buy.

Our clients:

Virtual try on dress is trending now. Famous brands like Adidas, Macy’s, and Modcloth are turning to virtual try-on. LookSize also helps many brands with their virtually try-on dress tech. Our clients are super happy and satisfied with the services.
Some of our clients include Andre Tan, One club, LuckyShop, Pink, Unistore, and Caramella shop. If you want to know more about our clients, then visit our website LookSize.com. you will find all the information you need.

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