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There is no single sizing system in the world.
Each brand has its own size chart. The "M" of one brand can be drastically different from the "M" of another brand. This leads to the return of goods, negative customer experience, and loss of profit.
Different size between brands


We help stores to increase conversion by 25% and reduce returns by 32% by helping their customers find the correct size and fit in one click using our virtual fitting room.

How it works

LookSize virtual fitting room solution consists of two elements. Sizing Widget and MySize Button.

Online fitting rooms VS Size charts

There are several options for determining the correct size in online stores:

  • online fitting room
  • Size charts
  • customer service

Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Size charts are probably the most popular option for sizing in online clothing and footwear stores. Is this option very convenient? No. This option has many disadvantages: different international standards that you need to understand; the need to write down or memorize the parameters you have measured; comparing the measured parameters with the corresponding size chart; etc.

In the best case scenario all the measurements will indicate the same size. If this is not the case, you will have to determine yourself which size fits you better by taking into consideration: ease over body, your preferences for a tighter or looser fit and the streachability of the fabric. In some cases the garment will not fit your body well, no matter what size you select.

Customer support is perhaps the most inconvenient option, because you need to call a stranger, provide him/her with information about your measurements, and this person will determine which size will suit you based on certain information. This is both an additional cost for the store and a difficulty for the user. And, of course, you need to remember that it is not always possible to make a phone call.

Online fitting rooms are the most modern and progressive option that is actively developing and is used on many popular online clothing and footwear stores. Choosing the optimal size with the help of online fitting rooms is as simple as possible, and any buyer can do it in a matter of seconds with a few clicks.

Indicator Online fitting room Sizing charts

Average purchase conversion

2,4% 0,9%

Average number of returns

<14% >20%

Sizing speed

instantly > 4 min

Number of fittings per session

14,2 2,4

Determining the size without a measuring tape

Yes No

Ability to determine size for family members or friends

Yes No

Saving data for future purchase

Yes No

Product try-on in a mobile phone

Easy Hard

Customer service engagement

Minimal Extensive

Determination of the optimal size

Precise Ambiguous

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Customer success manager of SvitStyle marketplace. Thanks to LookSize, we've increased our conversion, reduced returns and improved the overall customer experience.
SvitStyle Marketplace
The return of orders has significantly decreased once we integrated the LookSize on our website. A convenient interface and account settings simplify interaction with the website. So, our managers almost stopped spending time determining the size for customers.
We have chosen LookSize because of its unique MySize button, simplicity of use, and excellent support.
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How virtual fitting rooms replace real ones

The term "virtual fitting room" has been heard for many years, but not all online stores use such features in their work. And in vain, e-commerce purchases have the highest percentage of returns is in the clothing segment. Let’s us try to explain why this is happening.

Sizing charts and brands in Looksize virtual fitting room

The size charts varies depending on the brand: what one positions as S, in another can be defined as XXS. Also, they do not always indicate on the label sizes that meet international standards: French and Italian are usually small, and the American on the contrary.

Therefore, when buying clothes you should not focus solely on numeric or alphabetical symbols. The actual size of the clothes according to the parameters depends on the audience of a particular brand - young people or older women need different products of one category. Accordingly, the user when choosing is confused in size and refuses to buy.  

Jeans, suits, coats, shirts - complex categories of goods in terms of fit, require pre-fitting. Not everyone is ready to order clothes without thinking, and in case of failure, when there is no virtual fitting, to spend time on registration of return. The virtual fitting room is designed to solve this problem and take online shopping to a whole new level.

How Looksize virtual fitting room defines body parameters

Just enter your height and weight and our AI system will estimate your body parameters. Once the parameters are estimated, our virtual fitting room will be able to find out the size of clothes that match you. You can always adjust the estimated parameters manually by using a measuring tape for the maximum precision. You need only to enter them once and the system will remember them for the future use on all the website LookSize widget is installed.

LookSize virtual fitting software uses a digital human model, a clothing size calculator, and digitized patterns. The client enters his parameters and when choosing clothes the system compares data, analyzes and gives recommendations. The uniqueness of the offers is that you can offer products of all categories: from basic T-shirts to outerwear and shoes.

Our technology learns from every user who enters their measurements into the system, creating an extremely personalized experience for you. With our affiliated brands and online stores, the user is recommended clothing items that are likely to perfectly match his parameters, and the hated fitting will not take your time.

Virtual fitting room technology

The retail business is increasingly focused on developing and improving the online shopping experience for customers. Over the last few years, the virtual fitting room has evolved significantly, and the realms of what is now possible are captivating both sellers and buyers. Online retail, which explores variations of the virtual wardrobe, will help customers to see the fit and size of clothes on the avatar.

Just imagine that you are going to your favorite marketplace and selecting clothing that fits you perfectly using a single My Size button. One click and our system authomatically selected the best fit for you. A day or two later and a beautiful dress at home!

Nobody likes endless fitting and changing clothes. Especially if your parameters are non-standard. With the help of a virtual fitting room, the problem of clothing selection special sizes is solved instantly. Now, sitting at a computer or smartphone in a comfortable home environment, you can use a size calculator and try on any clothes in the online store that has integrated our software.

Virtual fitting room available on mobile

The main reason for unsuccessful online purchases is that you have to focus on the photos presented online. But even the highest quality photo on the model from the catalog does not give an idea of what this thing will look like on a real person, whether it will suit them, given the peculiarities of the physique, appearance, etc.

We have a wide selection of brands (and we are constantly adapting our software to their new features), which is quite cool and interesting for our users - to instantly see what is available in their size. Our virtual fitting room is also available in a multi-user option: our users can create profiles for their loved ones in our application to determine their exact size and make good gifts.

Creating a profile on LookSize is extremely practical when using a smartphone when you do not want or cannot try on clothes while in the store. Our users simply check our virtual sizing recommendations and choose what to try on or just buy right away.

LookSize virtual fitting room features

Want to provide your customers with the best shopping experience?

Consider introducing LookSize SaaS solution for virtual fitting room - a technology that allows users to easily find out the size without trying on the product physically.

The biggest advantages of the virtual fitting room are:

  • Versatility - we work with both size charts and physical measurements of the garment;
  • Speed of integration (several hours);
  • Simplicity and ease of use for buyers.

How does it work? If you decide to use the application for the first time – just enter the parameters (this is a one-time action), and the system will tell you your size. If the product you have chosen does not fit the specified parameters - the service will tell you where exactly there is no fit.

The widget allows the buyer of online clothing stores to choose the optimal size, and also shows in detail how exactly the garment will sit on a person in a particular part of the body.

LookSize app offers a solution that integrates with the website of a fashion store in 5 minutes, increases conversion by 25%, and reduces returns by 32%.

The virtual fitting room widget allows you to constantly improve the quality of recommendations, describing the rising volume of data about both customers and the things themselves. Thus, each purchased product and each returned product allows the system to calculate the size of clothes even more accurately.