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There is no single sizing system in the world.
Each brand has its own size chart. The "M" of one brand can be drastically different from the "M" of another brand. This leads to the return of goods, negative customer experience, and loss of profit.
Different size between brands

We help stores increase conversion by 25% and reduce returns by 32% by helping their clients find the correct size and fit in one click.

How it works

LookSize Solutions consists of two elements. Widget and MySize Button.

How online fitting room works
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Customer success manager of SvitStyle marketplace. Thanks to LookSize, we've increased our conversion, reduced returns and improved the overall customer experience.
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We introduced LookSize a year ago. It has allowed us to gather information on what sizes our customers are interested in and reduce the percentage of returns.
We have chosen LookSize because of its unique MySize button, simplicity of use, and excellent support.
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How virtual fitting rooms replace real ones.

The term "virtual fitting room" has been heard for more than a year, but not all online stores use such features in their work. And in vain. And that's why.

Sizes and brands

The size charts varies depending on the brand:  what one positions as S, in another can be defined as XXS. Also, they do not always indicate on the label sizes that meet international standards: American and Italian are usually small, and the French - on the contrary.

Therefore, when buying clothes you should not focus solely on numeric or alphabetical symbols. The actual size of the clothes according to the parameters depends on the audience of a particular brand - for young people or older women need different products of one category.  Accordingly, the user when choosing is confused in size and refuses to buy.  By the way, e-commerce purchases have the highest percentage of returns is in the clothing segment.

Jeans, suits, coats, shirts - complex categories of goods in terms of fit, require pre-fitting. Not everyone is ready to order clothes without thinking, and in case of failure, when there is no online fitting, to spend time on registration of return. The virtual fitting solution is designed to solve this problem in the near future and take online shopping to a whole new level.

Body parameters

Just specify your body parameters in centimeters and our system will be able to find out the size of clothes that match them. This is quite a tedious procedure, as well as fitting clothes physically, but by entering the numbers once, you will save yourself from having to guess whether the chosen garment suits you or not. The main parameters you need to know, in addition to height and weight: chest, waist and hips, arm length, shoulder width between the seams, the length of the pants at the inseam, the length of the insole. By the way, it is not necessary to ask for "help of the friend" - for example, it is possible to take anything from a wardrobe that ideally corresponds to your parameters, and to take measurements from it.

LookSize software uses a digital human model, a clothing size calculator, and digitized patterns. The client enters his parameters and when choosing clothes the system which compares data, analyzes and  gives recommendations. The uniqueness of the offers is that you can offer products of all categories: from basic T-shirts to outerwear and shoes.

Our technology learns from every user who enters their measurements into the system, creating an extremely personalized experience for you. With our affiliated brands and online stores, the user are recommended clothing items that are likely to perfectly match his parameters, and the hated fitting will not take your time.

Important technology

The retail business is increasingly focused on developing and improving the online shopping experience for customers. Over the last few years, the virtual fitting has evolved exponentially, and the realms of what is now possible are captivating both sellers and buyers. Online retail, which explores variations of the virtual wardrobe, will help customers learn and see the look, style, and size of clothes for growth on their own personalized 3D version of their body.

Just imagine that you are going to go to a special event and were not able find the right outfit. Today it is a real challenge, but tomorrow you will go to your favorite marketplace, try on a few outfits through their virtual dressing room. They will be able to determine the size of clothes online and program it and you will order. A day or two and a beautiful dress at home! You have the necessary outfit!

Users need to fill out their profile once, and we do the rest in terms of size. In other words, we can determine the size of each individual user; therefore, focus is on inspiration and shopping.

Virtual fitting of clothes solves the problem of queues in stores because not everyone likes endless fitting and changing clothes. The problem of online stores, which are associated with errors in styles and sizes, is solved.  The problem of people who due to illness, dislike of shopping trips, or elementary employment that cannot make ordinary purchases is also solved. Now sitting at a computer or smartphone in a comfortable home environment, you can use a size calculator and try on any clothes in the online store that has integrated our software.

Virtual fitting room

The main reason for unsuccessful online purchases is that you have to focus on the photos presented online. But even the highest quality photo on the model from the catalog does not give an idea of what this thing will look like on a real person, whether it will suit them, given the peculiarities of the physique, appearance, etc.

We have a wide selection of brands (and we are constantly adapting our software to their new features), which is quite cool and interesting for our users - to instantly see what is available in their size. This online fitting room will also help with a multidisciplinary option: our users can create profiles for their loved ones in our application to determine their exact size and make good gifts.

Creating a profile on LookSize is extremely practical when using a smartphone when you do not want or cannot try on clothes while in the store. Our users simply check our virtual sizing recommendations and choose what to try on or just buy right away.

LookSize features

Are you unhappy with your conversion rates? Your rate of return? What can we do to provide our customers with a better shopping experience instead of just optimizing and testing the “buying process”?

Here is our patented virtual wardrobe software - LookSize - technology that allows users to easily know the size without trying on the product physically. Everything is simple, fast, convenient, and realistic.

The most innovative in our solution is its:

  • Versatility - we work with both size charts and physical sizes of goods;
  • Speed of integration (several hours);
  • Simplicity and ease of use for buyers.

How does it work? If you decide to use the application for the first time - go through the registration and enter the parameters (this action is one-time), and the system will tell you your size. If the product you have chosen does not fit the specified parameters - the service will tell you where there are differences in height or weight.

The widget allows the buyer of online clothing stores to choose the optimal size, and also shows in detail how exactly the garment will sit on a person in a particular part of the body.

For a convenient and correct choice of size, you do not need to study large tables - just press the button and enter the parameters of your body.

LookSize app offers a solution that integrates with the website of a fashion store in 5 minutes, increases profits by 35%, and increases the conversion rate to 3 X.

The virtual fitting room widget allows you to constantly improve the quality of recommendations, describing the rising volume of data about both customers and the things themselves. Thus, each purchased product and each returned product allows the system to calculate the size of clothes even more accurately.

Try seven times - buy once

The hardest thing in an online store is to buy something for you. We always want to try on and touch clothes. Bags, glasses, hats, and other accessories are generally better to try on the existing wardrobe. Of course, it is impossible to solve all the inconveniences of e-shopping, but you can significantly increase its comfort.

In general, it is obvious that the technology of virtual fitting significantly reduces the risk of errors when ordering online. This, in turn, makes it possible to make consumption more personal and save the planet from general littering. The system solves the problem of size charts from different manufacturers, helps sellers reduce the percentage of clothing returns, and increase conversions.

Of course, the use of digital intelligence cannot completely rule out returns - they occur for a variety of reasons. However, the return rate is decreasing. At the same time, logistics costs are declining.

At the same time, using our app doesn’t require such efforts as going to offline stores and trying on real things - especially when it comes to shopping for men or children, a category that usually does not love shopping.

Every company that implements virtual fitting rooms contributes to the development of online shopping culture. And we are sure that as a result of using the feature, 90% of buyers will be satisfied with their choice when buying.