What are the advantages of LookSize service over regular size charts?
  • accuracy of size determination - LookSize uses only official brand size charts;
  • the speed and convenience of determining the size – once the customer enters their measurements the widget will display the correct size of any product and any brand.
What type of clothes does LookSize determine the size for?

LookSize determines the size of any type of clothing and footwear.

What is the cost of using the LookSize service and what does it depend on?

The cost of using the LookSize service depends on the number of fittings, which in turn depends on the number of customers on your site. We have a FREE trial for 1 month. Our current rates can be found in the "Pricing" section.

Which sites can install the LookSize service?

The main requirements for the site are:

1.CMS with the ability to integrate third-party scripts;
2.separate product page;
3.clothing categories identifier;
4.brand identifier;
5.gender identifier.

What is required to install LookSize?

To install the LookSize service, you need to submit the request, once the request is reviewed and account is approved, you will have to paste the script into your site and notify us. All other settings are done on our end.

Where can I find the instructions for the integration?

Basic instructions can be found here and more detailed in your profile under "Widget settings" once the account is created and approved.

Is it possible to install the LookSize widget without the assistance of a programmer?

YES, you can do it yourself following the instructions

What is a TEST MODE?

Test mode is the setting that allows you to see the widget on your site while it is invisible for your website visitors. It allows you to test it fully before launching in LIVE MODE.

Live Mode?

Live mode – regular mode of operation of the widget in which the widget is visible for all the users of the site.

What is "Fitting"?

A "Fitting" is an act of presenting the buyer with the determined size on the product page of your store based on the buyer's personal measurements.

What is "Desired Standard"?

А desired standard is the sizing standard in which the buyer prefers to view the size on the LookSize widget. For example, if a brand uses several size standards (8,10, 12 and S,M.L) they will be displayed in the preferred format. It only works if the brand offers multiple standards.

Is it possible to change the size and color of a button?

Yes, the size, style and color of the button can be customized to the style of any online store. We do it during the setup. If you want to have a specific design, you can send it to us and we will adjust it accordingly.

Will the size of the garment (or shoes) be determined if the brand has not yet been added to the LookSize brand database?

No, it will not, however we are adding the size charts regularly and will try to add it right away.

How often do you add new size charts?

The size charts are being added every day.

Why on menswear pages I can see the female avatar in the widget?

The widget displays the gender of the user and not the “gender” of the product. Once user lands on the product page of another gender the system will prompt to create another profile so the buyer can shop for multiple people.