LookSize offers a readily-available database of official 2500 brand size charts.

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Size charts

Most multi-brand stores and marketplaces have a problem with size charts, there are a huge number of them, they are all in different formats, they are not easy to find, and even harder to keep up with the latest updates.

We have a solution for you!

Size chart problem
and features
>Database of brands size charts
Database of brands size charts

The world's largest database of brand size charts

Official data
Official data

Only up-to-date and approved data from official sources

All possible world standards

All possible world standards


In a convenient xml, html and pdf formats

Regular updating and replenishment of the size charts database
Constant updating

Regular updating and replenishment of the database

Ongoing technical support

Ongoing technical support

More than 2 500 brands. Sizing data for any type of clothing, underwear, accessories and footwear.
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We send you size charts in xml, html and pdf format * *If you want a different format - just let us know.

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