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Manage your size chart with LookSize - E-commerce Best Practices

Indeed, for multi-brand apparel and footwear stores, managing size charts is a daunting task. Each brand comes with its unique dimensional grid, formatted differently and with varying locations where they are stored. The sheer number of these charts makes them difficult to locate and even more challenging to maintain relevancy and updates.

In this constantly evolving space, stores grapple with ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for each brand. This is where tools like LookSize step in, simplifying the management of size charts and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

You can try to do everything yourself, but then

  • you need to hire employees who will search for the necessary brands

Opting to manage your size chart independently is certainly an option, but it comes with its own set of challenges. To start, you'll need to hire dedicated employees who will meticulously search for the necessary brands. These employees must understand various size systems and standards, which can greatly differ across countries and brands. Furthermore, they will need to stay updated with any changes in the sizing standards or practices of each brand, a task that can be both time-consuming and complex. This is where LookSize comes into the picture, offering a streamlined solution that takes the guesswork out of size chart management.

  • communicate with various brand representatives

Taking the do-it-yourself route indeed offers a certain level of control. You can interact directly with representatives from various brands, gaining firsthand knowledge and fostering potential partnerships. However, managing size charts across diverse brands and product lines can quickly become overwhelming. This is where LookSize comes into play. The service acts as the intermediary that simplifies these processes for you. By effectively managing size charts, LookSize ensures accurate and consistent size information across all brands and products. This not only frees up your time but also improves customer experience by providing accurate sizing information, thereby reducing return rates.

  • to process the received information, which is in different formats, different standards

LookSize takes on the responsibility of processing the received information, which comes in an array of formats and standards. It adeptly manages size charts, converting diverse measurements into a unified standard. This ability ensures seamless comparison and selection of sizes, no matter where the sizing information originates. The variety of formats might range from numerical to alphabetic or even country-specific standards. Despite these differences, LookSize ensures a uniform interpretation of all size information, simplifying the online shopping experience for consumers around the globe.

  • monitor the relevance of information

Monitoring the relevance of information is crucial in maintaining up-to-date and effective content, particularly for businesses managing size charts like LookSize. This process involves constantly evaluating and analyzing information to ensure it aligns with current trends, customer needs, and business strategies. For instance, in the case of size charts, it's essential to review and update the data regularly. This might include tailoring the information according to seasonal changes in weight, evaluating customer feedback, or accounting for changes in fashion trends. By doing so, LookSize ensures that the information remains accurate and relevant, subsequently enhancing the shopping experience for customers and reducing return rates due to sizing issues.

  • structure the database

Structuring the database is a crucial step in ensuring efficient data management. This involves organizing data according to a database model, setting up relationships between data items, and defining rules to validate and manipulate this data. A well-structured database promotes data consistency, reduces data redundancy, and improves data integrity. In the context of managing a size chart in LookSize, structuring the database would entail categorizing sizes according to different clothing types, brands, and geographical regions, among other factors. This allows for a streamlined and user-friendly interface, enabling customers to quickly and easily find their perfect fit.

  • enter information on the site

By diligently updating and managing your size chart on the site, you can ensure your customers always have accurate information, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and fewer returns.

Solve the problem with size charts using LookSize

LookSize is an effective tool designed to solve problems associated with size charts in the fashion industry. It significantly simplifies the process of managing size charts for various product lines. By utilizing LookSize, retailers can easily present accurate size guides to their customers. This reduces the rate of product returns due to size mismatches and enhances the overall customer shopping experience. LookSize not only helps in maintaining consistent size information across all platforms but also aids in reducing the confusion created by varying international size standards.

  • ease of cooperation.
  • the world's largest database of brand size charts
  • only current and approved data from official sources
  • all possible world standards
  • a convenient format for providing information that does not require work on the part of the customer.
  • regular updating and replenishment of the database
  • constant technical support
  • affordable price

How does the process of cooperation take place?

You need to leave an application on our website. A manager will contact you within 24 hours, clarify the necessary information and provide the necessary instructions. After entering the account, open the settings, copy the script and paste it on all products of your store. You can see how to do this in our instructions for the most popular CMS.
After that, let us know by clicking the notification button.
Note! Without activation, size charts will NOT be displayed on your site.
Within 48 hours, our specialists will make the necessary settings and, if necessary, contact you to clarify the nuances.
How much does it cost?

There are two options for paying for services:
Option one. Annual payment of 5 USD/Brand for the first year. And 1 USD/Brand for each next years.
Option two. Pay as you go, you pay for the result of using size charts on the site. One view of the size charts is 1 cent.
If you are ready to make your life and business easier, leave a request on our website.

Long-term benefits and return on investment for businesses using LookSize

Utilizing LookSize to manage size charts offers businesses long-term benefits and a substantial return on investment. This innovative solution simplifies online shopping for consumers, reducing the likelihood of returns due to incorrect sizing. By integrating LookSize, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction while minimizing logistical complexities and costs associated with product returns. In the long run, this leads to increased customer retention, repeat purchases, and higher profit margins. Moreover, LookSize's data analytics capabilities provide invaluable insights, assisting businesses in understanding customer preferences and facilitating more accurate inventory planning. Thus, the return on investment extends beyond immediate financial gain, paving the way for operational efficiency and strategic growth.

In summary, LookSize holds the promise of pioneering a revolution in the management of size charts within the fashion industry. It offers precision, tailored customer experiences, and user-friendly interfaces that could drastically alter the way we shop. LookSize, by considerably limiting return rates and enhancing customer contentment, stands out as more than just a tool - it is a transformative solution for both retailers and shoppers. The service's capacity to offer precise size suggestions based not just on the item, but also the customer's unique fit preferences, sets it apart. LookSize is ready to usher in a fresh wave of efficiency and customer fulfillment in the domain of online apparel retail.

In today's digital economy, e-commerce businesses should place a high priority on implementing effective size chart solutions. One such solution is LookSize, a cutting-edge tool designed to manage size charts and enhance the online shopping experience. By integrating LookSize, businesses can significantly reduce return rates, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline their operations. Invest in LookSize today and take a step towards creating a more efficient and customer-friendly online shopping experience.

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