Advantages of LookSize service over regular size charts
  • accuracy of size determination - LookSize uses only official brand size charts;
  • the speed and convenience of determining the size - it is enough to take measurements of your body once and get the exact size of any brand in any online store with the installed LookSize service;
  • obtaining the parameters of the body of the buyer - with the order the store receives the appropriate parameters of the body of the buyer.
For what type of clothes does LookSize determine the size?

LookSize is designed to determine the size of any type of clothing and footwear.

What is the cost of using the LookSize service and what it depends from?

The cost of using the LookSize service depends on tariff plan, which depends on the number of fittings. For new users, the first month is FREE. SvitStyle partners have a 20% discount. For more information please check the "Pricing" section.

Which sites can install the LookSize service?

The LookSize service can be integrated into any open source online store or with the ability to integrate third-party scripts.

If your online store is located in trading platforms such as Prom, unfortunately, you will not be able to install LookSize on your online store.

What is required for installation the service LookSize in online store?

To install the LookSize service, you need to register on our site in the section "For stores" and request activation of your online store.

After the administrator checks your online store and activates it, you can pass the integration of the service to your programmer.

Where can I find the instruction for integration?

The instruction is in your personal account in the section "Widget settings".

Is it possible to install the LookSize widget without the assistance of a programmer?

We recommend to provide integration of our service to the programmer, as this will ensure the correct functioning of the widget in your online store.

What is "Fitting"?

The fitting is considered to be the specified size of the user on the product page.

What is "Desired Standard"?

The desired standard is the standard in which the client size will be displayed on the LookSize widget. For example, if a brand has several size standards, then they will be displayed in the selected sequence.

Is it possible to change the size and color of a button?

The size and color of the button can be customized to the style of any online store.

Will the size of the garment (or shoes) be determined if the brand has not yet been added to the LookSize brand database?

If for some reason (the brand has not released its size table or its table contains only the parameters of the finished product) the brand you need is not in the LookSize Database, then you can configure the use of the General Sizechart, otherwise it will not be possible to determine the size.

This configuration is performed in personal account in the "Widget settings" section.

Is it possible to integrate compliance of brands and types of clothing from a file?

For your convenience in the store's personal account in the "Compilance of brands" and "Compilance of categories" sections is the ability to import a file (must be in CSV format).

To download a list of brands and categories of LookSize service, click on "Export basic brands" and "Export clothing types" in the appropriate section of your personal cabinet.

Is it possible to enter family member's body parameters in one account?

Currently this is not possible, but later such a functional will be available in our service.