RICK OWENS Size charts

RICK OWENS Size charts
Category(gender): Outerwear(male); Blazers(male); T-shirts and tees(male); Blouses and shirts(male); Sweaters(male); Jeans(male); Pants(male); Leggings(male); Shorts(male); Overalls(male); Home clothes(male); Underwear (Bottom)(male); Classic briefs(male)
Size chart management
International standardXSSMLXL2XL
European standard464850525456
Italian standard464850525456
French standard464850525456
English standard363840424446
American standard363840424446
Japanese standard234567
Australian standard363840424446
Jeans standard293032343638
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Category(gender): Outerwear(female); Blazers(female); Vests(female); T-shirts and tees(female); Blouses and shirts(female); Sweaters(female); Dresses(female); Skirts(female); Jeans(female); Pants(female); Leggings(female); Shorts(female); Overalls(female); Underwear (Upper)(female); Underwear (Bottom)(female); Tops(female)
Size chart management
Italian standard384042444648
International standardXSSMLXL2XL
European standard343638404244
French standard343638404244
English standard6810121416
American standard24681012
Japanese standard579111315
Australian standard6810121416
Jeans standard252628303234
Category(gender): Shoes(female)
Size chart management
European standard343536373839404142
American standard456789101112
French standard353637383940414243
English standard123456789
Category(gender): Shoes(male)
Size chart management
European standard3839404142434445464748
English standard4567891011121314
American standard56789101112131415
Category(gender): Gloves(female)
Size chart management
Brand standard66.577.588.599.5
International standardXSSSMMLLXL
Category(gender): Gloves(male)
Size chart management
Brand standard77.588.599.51010.5
International standardXSSSMMLLXL