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Category(gender): Shoes(male)
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Foot length25.5 - 2626 - 26.526.5 - 2727 - 27.527.5 - 2828 - 28.528.5 - 2929 - 29.529.5 - 30.531 - 32
Insole length26.52727.52828.52929.5303132.5
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Adidas: Dimensional grid and how to choose the size without fitting

Online shopping has become common place for many. People can find clothes and shoes of every taste online. But many are afraid to buy goods online because of the inability to visually assess their quality and try on. After all, the wrong size spoils all the pleasure of buying and creates unnecessary problems.

Unfortunately, the sizing systems in different countries differ significantly from each other. Sizes from brand to brand often do not match. In online shopping, it is very important that the customer is not afraid to choose and buy things.

Although there is currently a trend towards a single international letter standard, many manufacturers continue to label clothing according to the schemes adopted in their country.

Because the dimensions applied to clothing labels or tags are discrete (stepped), each corresponds to a range of actual body sizes.

LookSize  helps understand a fairly large number of different systems for marking the sizes of clothes, shoes and accessories that exist in the world.

Clothing manufacturers sew it according to patterns designed based on the most common proportions "height - chest girth, waist girth, hip girth." However, in most women these proportions may not converge, ie dimensional grid of the brand. The "top" can differ significantly from the size of the "bottom".

The table of shoe sizes by brand, which is used by modern manufacturers, is often put in a dead end by buyers, and therefore even pleasant shopping can become a source of stress. Most of the time we are afraid that the thing will not suit us when we buy clothes online, but even in a regular store it is not always possible to avoid worries by sorting models on hangers.

For example, do you know for sure that your Ukrainian size is 44, but 36 size pants or jeans is some Ukrainian size: 44 or 42? The situation is complicated by the fact that some models can be specially narrowed cut, and others, on the contrary - spacious, so without fitting clothes, unfortunately, can not do.

Recently, clothing manufacturers in many countries have begun to reduce the size so that women can buy clothes with a smaller number than usual, and feel more slender. In English, this phenomenon is called "vanity sizing", which can be translated as "flattering dimension" or "floating dimensions". For example, those who usually wear the American size 8, in such stores buy 6, or 4.

Some online clothing stores provide all brand size tables to solve this problem. However, not everyone likes this service, and in most cases, the user simply does not have the time or centimeter at hand to measure, for example, waist circumference or breast volume.

Our widget will help you know your clothing size for any brand and item of clothing when buying goods online. It can be easily integrated by any online store, so that customers can without fear (not suitable, will have to change) to buy any thing they like.

To find out your clothing size, you need to specify the dimensions of the figure corresponding to the clothing category in the appendix. After entering the data, the system will process them and give the correct size for the item of clothing of a particular brand and show on the avatar how the selected thing will "sit" on the figure. The whole process takes a few seconds.

Another advantage of the LookSize application is that the customer does not have to enter parameters every time he wants to buy something - just specify all the important parameters when registering, and the service will instantly determine brand size.

In our catalog you will find hundreds of world-famous brands for the selection of men, women  and children clothing. LookSize uses only official brand size charts.

If you want to change your early settings, you can do so in your personal LookSize account at any time.

Let's try to understand below the features of dimensional grids and how best to choose shoe size by brand.

Adidas: How to determine the size and take measurements?

Adidas produces very high quality sneakers, clothes, etc. All models can be found online. The only downside to shopping online is that you can't measure the size of your Adidas shoes yourself. Of course,Adidas size chartwill help you. And we will teach you to take measurements correctly and determine the size online without fitting.

Since the same model is produced in different factories, shoes often differ in size (small size). How do we avoid the problem when the courier came to you and the shoes did not fit.

By following the instructions below, you can easily determine the correct shoe size.

  • Take measurements of the length of the foot:
  • Take a blank sheet of paper, pen or pencil.
  • Stand with both feet on the sheet, and mark with lines the tip of the thumb and heel.
  • Measure the resulting segment with a centimeter ruler.
  • Be sure to measure the length of both feet to choose the value that came out larger.
  • Substitute the resulting number in the appropriate line "Determine the size" on the product page.

Importantly! It is better to take foot measurements in the evening. The foot has time to trample and increases slightly in size. If you order shoes with fur filling, take a larger size.

Each brand sews according to its own patterns, so you should not focus on the figure it shows adidas shoe size chart, and on real measurements.

Note that more often the left foot is longer by 2-3 millimeters, focus on fitting to a greater length. Eventually, the sneakers will stretch by 2-3 millimeters. Properly measured feet are the key to a successful purchase.

Most men and women  sneakers are more measured. Experts recommend buying a model two sizes smaller.

If you consider the width of the shoe, it will fully correspond to the dimensional grid. Children shoes are small. Parents should take this fact into account and buy it for a larger size.

Size matches:

Adidas size chart for women. Women's shoes are compared with English and American values. The Ukrainian size from thirty-five to forty-five is equal to the English - from three and a half to eleven and a half, and the American, which starts from five and reaches thirteen. The length of the leg is 22.75 cm - 30 cm.

Adidas size chart for men: The Ukrainian size starts from the thirty-fourth and ends on the fiftieth. English -from two to fifteen, and American - from three and a half to sixteen. The length of the leg starts from 22.5 cm and ends at the mark of 32.5 cm.

 Adidas clothing size chart:

Now it is necessary to understand the sizes of outerwear. Jackets of this company are often more measured in one or two sizes. For example, you turned to the table and picked up a jacket of size L. In reality, its size will be XL.

Here is another example: the standard jacket, the size of which is XS, has the following parameters:

  • Shoulder width: forty-six to forty-seven centimeters;
  • Chest width: forty-nine centimeters;
  • Sleeve length: sixty-seven to sixty-eight;
  • Back length - about 68-70 centimeters.

Adidas clothing is developed from a sports figure. To put it simply, clothes are sewn according to the established proportions, which are designed for slender people.

It is best to take measurements in underwear. If you want one or another model to sit more freely, add 2 cm to your parameters. The centimeter tape should always be parallel to the floor!


With the proliferation of European and American online stores with their interesting range and good prices, people have become less likely to go shopping.  Increasingly, there is a desire to buy online in your favorite store, but sneakers or pants are not so easy to pick up without fitting. Here you need to consider many parameters, including the size grid of each manufacturer. In most manufacturers, the sizes can be specified differently.

How to choose shoes of your size? You will need to take measurements with a tape measure. To determine the appropriate size, you must enter the obtained measurements in the pop-up window of the "Determine size" button.

All! By measuring the foot on the sheet and using the button of our widget, you can easily buy shoes without going to the store without wasting time.

Our advice to you - do not be lazy to spend time once on measurements and reading of characteristics when buying sneakers without fitting, because to send back to other country is financially unprofitable.