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How to Use Virtual Fitting Room Software?

How to use virtual fitting

What is the virtual fitting room software?

The technology that enables the shoppers to explore various products before making the purchase decision is known as virtual fitting software. It offers the flexibility to the customers to virtually try out the different beauty items and apparel without even touching these. Artificial intelligence helps in placing the product over the buyer’s live image and hence they can figure out about different aspects of it. They can get to know whether it would fit them or not. Moreover, it also provides guidance about the suitability of the product regarding styling and sizing. The compound annual growth ratio is expected to increase about 13.44 percent throughout the world in the span ranging from 2019 to 2025.
Do you eager to develop your own virtual dressing room for brand facilitation and ease? If yes, then here you will get to know about the working and benefit of virtual fitting rooms.
The clothing retailers relish the golden opportunity to offer much more accurate size information to the masses with help of this software. Hence, the customers conveniently develop their size profile and get recommendations from the retailers on the parameter of their sizing charts. Hence, it must be integrated into different in-store kiosks or e-commerce platforms to boost up the customer satisfaction and experience.

How do virtual fitting rooms enhance online sales?

The Use of Virtual Fitting Rooms Is the Answer You've Been Searching for.
The pandemic situation enforced the online-only stores to close and hence, the virtual fitting rooms were the only alternative. For many years, brick-and-mortar retailers have struggled to accommodate all of their customers because they don't have enough fitting rooms, and the pandemic has brought this issue into the open.
While some retailers had to use virtual fitting rooms during the epidemic, they saw the benefits and decided to keep them available on their websites. Virtual fitting rooms can help you reduce returns and lower bounce rates.
Due to the inability to select a specific size online, clients frequently buy multiple sizes to try on at home before returning them. The total customer returns were over ten percent of the US retail sales and were about $428, during the pandemic situation. However, an average shop receives $106 million in returns for every billion dollars in sales.

How does virtual fitting room technology work?

The technology of virtual fitting room development is a significant advancement that has proven to be the best solution for online store vendors and shoppers alike. There was not much awareness about online shopping in the past few years. However, the pandemic situation enforced the masses to try out and experience online shopping. Among these, many admired the experience of shopping from the vicinity of their home. They were much pleased about the comfort and relaxation that it offered to them in such a crucial time. Indeed, many of the retailers also shifted to selling their products online.

Virtual fitting room development came in at a point where retailers were worried about diminished sales due to increasing return rates, and shoppers were backing out due to receiving ill-fitted apparel.

Now, many of the online stores are using the technology of virtual room software for entertaining their customers in a much better manner. They are actively experimenting with several technologies for the progress of their online stores and the facilitation of their customers. Among all the technologies, the virtual fitting room work fabulously well and grant more and more confidence to the customers to buy the right product with least to no hassle.

LookSize apparel fitting software simply works through registering you on their website and taking your measurements like weight, height and then creating a 3D model for you to try-on apparel virtually. We are still working to make it even more flawless.

How to install the LookSize virtual fitting room software?


There isn't a universal standard for sizing.
Brands each have their size charts. Depending on the brand, the "M" can be vastly different. Customers will have a terrible experience, and the company will lose money as a result.
There are variations in size between different brands.
With our virtual fitting room, we can help retailers increase conversion by 25% and reduce returns by 32% by making it easier for customers to select the right size and fit.
You can easily and quickly create the virtual fitting room merely within a few minutes by using the LookSize solution. The MySize Button and the Sizing Widget!
Getting it installed in your store isn’t anything complicated. All you need to do is to get registered into the website and let all the things set quite easily with few instructions only.

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You can try out our website for free. In that case, you will get to know how to install and you’ll also find out that it is worth spending a little money to make your business grow and stand out in the limelight.
Suppose, you are a store owner and want to try the LookSize for free by installing it in your store. It is not rocket science to install it. Say goodbye to the hectic installation processes and enjoy installing it quite easily. All you have to do is hit the “try virtual fitting room” button, and then you have to add some information, and after a few simple steps, you are all set to go.

Why you should choose LookSize virtual fitting room software?

Unavoidable advantages of choosing our digital fitting room:
Virtual fitting rooms are a great option for businesses that don't have a physical storefront.
There was a much-reduced rate of return.
As many as 36 percent have been reported, resulting in a greater profit margin and more revenue. For e-commerce, where the RR is significantly larger, this is particularly crucial. You can't effectively promote your goods if you don't have a solid relationship with your clients. According Studies reveal that both ladies and men often feel quite uncomfortable and hesitate in the changing rooms. The satisfaction level of the customers would be optimized if they would be given the facility to virtually try out their desired products before buying these.
Much higher rate of change.
Conversion rates and average order values rise with AR try-on, according to research. In-store purchasing has lost about 94% of its appeal due to the inconvenience and lack of security it provides. If you are fortunate enough to find a dress you like in the changing room, you can exchange it out for another one. Because they aren't safe or convenient, they avoid them.
There is no longer any need for changing rooms or dresses to be changed in an actual fitting room. Simply pick out a dress you want, try it on electronically, and if you don't like it, touch the alternate one to put it on. When you try it on, you'll know right away if it looks nice on you or not.
Creating a good impression of your company name.
Customers will definitely think much high of your brand when you provide them latest facility. The online fitting rooms are, indeed, the trendiest and extremely likable facility for the customers. An effective marketing plan can assist you to develop your business immensely.

Cost of installing virtual clothes fitting room:

At LookSize, we care for our clients. This is why we make sure that they aren’t facing any difficulties while using it. On our website, you can find answers to all your queries, and you can contact customer support otherwise. We assure to provide reasonable rates for the clients who are working alone and just finished upsetting their own business. And the stores, that are already running their business on a wide scale. Here are some pricing plans, that you could choose from, according to your budget and your business:

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Advantages of virtual fitting room software program Looksize

The virtual fitting room software program is an invaluable tool for businesses that sell apparel and accessories online. A virtual fitting room software program gives customers the ability to try on clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other items virtually before they make a purchase. This type of technology helps to ensure that the customer is getting the right size and style, while also providing convenience and saving time.

Advantages of virtual fitting room software programs include:

1. Accurate sizingVirtual fitting rooms allow customers to accurately measure themselves against size charts and determine their correct size with precision. This eliminates the need for costly returns due to ill-fitting clothes or inaccurate measurements from in-store shopping.

2. Increased convenience – Customers no longer need to physically go into a store in order to try on an item of clothing or accessory before purchasing it, as virtual fitting rooms enable them to do so from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, virtual fitting rooms can be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making them even more convenient than traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

3. Reduced costs – Operating a virtual fitting room requires less staff and resources than operating a physical store, which helps retailers save money in terms of staffing costs, rent payments, and other overheads associated with running a physical store.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction – With virtual fitting rooms customers can be sure they are choosing the right size based on accurate measurements rather than guesswork when ordering online which significantly reduces dissatisfaction rates due to incorrect sizes being ordered or poorly fitted clothing being produced by manufacturers.

5. Enhanced User Experience - Virtual fittings enable customers to get an accurate representation of how an item would look on their body type without having to visit multiple stores or try numerous items on at once creating an improved user experience for shoppers who may find traditional shopping methods tiring or overwhelming.

Looksize - best virtual fitting room online software

LookSize virtual fitting room software offers a convenient and cost-effective way for retailers to create virtual storefronts for their customers. With LookSize, consumers can now virtually try on clothing with the click of a button. This virtual experience allows users to “try on” clothing from their own homes, giving them a better idea of how the garment will fit and look before making the purchase.

The LookSize virtual fitting room is powered by advanced technology that accurately measures the size and shape of various garments in order to provide accurate virtual representations. It also features fabric simulation technology that provides realistic views of fabrics and textures so users can get an even better sense of how items will look and feel when worn. The software also offers innovative customization options such as virtual body proportion adjustments, color changes, and more, allowing users to truly customize the virtual styling experience to their personal preferences.

By utilizing LookSize virtual fitting room software, retailers are able to create engaging virtual shopping experiences for their customers while still providing accurate product sizing information. This helps to minimize returns due to incorrect sizing while also boosting customer confidence in purchases made online. As such, it is no surprise that LookSize has quickly become an invaluable tool for online retailers looking to boost sales and provide more fulfilling virtual shopping experiences for their customers.

Best virtual fitting rooms in boutiques

Looksize is revolutionizing virtual fitting rooms in boutiques across the world with its cutting-edge virtual clothing software. Its intuitive interface allows customers to choose from virtual versions of any garment in a boutique's catalog and see how it looks on their unique body shape. This eliminates the need for costly physical fittings and can even be used to virtually “try on” clothes from around the world. Looksize also offers customers exclusive virtual styling tips tailored to their body type, enabling them to make informed choices when shopping without leaving their homes. With Looksize, shoppers can now experience the convenience of virtual fitting rooms while still enjoying an authentic boutique shopping experience.

Best virtual fitting rooms at home

Looksize virtual fitting rooms provide a convenient way to try on clothes without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Our virtual software allows you to upload a photo or video of yourself and dress it up in virtual 3D clothing from your favorite brands. With Looksize virtual fitting rooms, you can make sure that the item you choose fits perfectly before committing to buy. Looksize offers realistic simulations that replicate the feel of actual clothing, so that you can make sure not only does the item fit but also looks great on you. Looksize virtual fitting rooms provide accurate sizing for each piece of apparel as well as an intuitive interface for easy navigation and selection. With virtual reality technology, our virtual fitting rooms maximize convenience and minimize inconvenience, giving customers access to a shopping experience unlike anything else available.

Best virtual fitting rooms for sale

Looksize is the ultimate virtual fitting room solution for online retailers and fashion brands. With Looksize, customers can try on virtual clothing without ever leaving their homes. The technology provides a highly realistic virtual experience that makes it easy to find the perfect fit. You can see how virtual items look on you before purchase, helping you to make informed decisions. Additionally, Looksize’s virtual fitting rooms are completely customizable. This means that customers who need extra space or assistance can find what they want in no time flat. What's more, Looksize virtual fitting room software comes with an analytics suite so you can track user engagement and adjust your store accordingly for better profits and customer satisfaction. All these features make Looksize the best virtual fitting rooms for sale on the market today!

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