How to take your body measurements correctly, using a centimeter ruler?

The basic condition for determining the exact size without fitting is the exact parameters of your body. To do this, we recommend using a centimeter ruler, which, probably, every woman has. It is possible to take the measurements independently. However, it is not convenient and accurate. We have noticed that with an independent measurement, the error is 1-2 cm in all positions. At first sight, "centimeter there, centimeter here" - no big deal. However, sometimes this centimeter may be superfluous, or it will not be enough, and the purchased thing you will have to turn back ...

Therefore, we recommend to use outside help, it is much faster, easier and most importantly - always accurate. Ask your friend to help you, and you – help her. If you buy clothes not only for yourself, but for your family or friends, we encourage you to measure them immediately. After making precise measurements, save them at From now on, you just choose the clothes that you like, and do not even mention the size, because our service defines it automatically.

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