Are your phones ‘breaks’ from clients' calls who can’t determine its size by themselves? Are your managers overload, exhausted and do not have time for their main work? Are you worried the wrong size will cause the return?

It means, that we have created a service to determine the exact size without fitting – Looksize for you. The service quick and easily integrates with your online store, and it is user-friendly.

According to official data - the biggest Ukrainian woman clothing, shoes and accessories marketplace, who was the first one who integrated the Looksize service – the number of returns decreased by 48%, total conversion increased by 63%, and the total sales rose by 24%.

For all shops integrated service Looksize, additionally, at each order are sent the buyers parameters. You can use this data to verify the product size, to check the conformity of the goods to the size, or individually offer your customers the products of their size.

First month of use - for free. You will choose the next tariff by yourself. Try and make sure personally how simple and effective our service works. Please contact us and we will gladly advise you on the terms of further cooperation.