Life is good Size charts

Category(gender): T-shirts and tees(female)
International standardXSSMLXL2XL3XL
American standard0/24/68/1012/1416/1820/2224/26
Chest circ.848994102109119130
Category(gender): T-shirts and tees(male)
International standardSMLXL2XL3XL
Neck circ.363841434648
Chest circ.8999109119130140
Lower waist (Belt)79848999109124
Category(gender): Blouses and shirts(female); Sweaters(female)
International standardXSSMLXL2XL3XL
American standard0/24/68/1012/1416/1820/2224/26
Chest circ.848994102109119130
Arm length (from neck)75778184858888
Category(gender): Sweaters(male)
International standardSMLXL2XL3XL
Neck circ.363841434648
Chest circ.8999109119130140
Lower waist (Belt)79848999109124
Arm length (from neck)838588939494
Category(gender): Dresses(female)
International standardXSSMLXL2XL
American standard0/24/68/1012/1416/1820/22
Chest circ.83 - 8588 - 9093 - 9599 - 103107 - 112117
Waist62 - 6567 - 7072 - 7579 - 8386 - 9197
Hips88 - 9093 - 9598 - 100104 - 108112 - 117122
Arm length (from neck)757781848588
Category(gender): Skirts(female); Pants(female); Leggings(female); Shorts(female)
International standardXSSMLXL2XL3XL
American standard0/24/68/1012/1416/1820/2224/26
Category(gender): Pants(male); Leggings(male); Shorts(male)
International standardSMLXL2XL3XL
Lower waist (Belt)79848999109124

Life is good: clothes and accessories for positive people

When you buy things, the main parameter of choice, in addition to appearance - is size. To make the clothes fit nicely, it was very important to choose the right size. However, the size marking on the label often differs from the actual parameters of the thing.

In Paris, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures maintains standards for basic units, such as meters or kilograms. But that would still somehow standardize the size of clothing!

This problem is faced by anyone who came to the store for something new. Clothing sizes vary in different parts of the world. Despite the fact that there have been attempts to standardize, it has not led to significant results.

As a result, we have different figures for the former Soviet Union, Britain, Europe, China, Japan, and the United States. And the numbers are different for men's and women's clothing. They also differ in clothing types.

In Ukraine, we start counting from 40 sizes. In many European countries, the smallest band size is 34. But here, too, there are variations: in Germany, the French 34 corresponds to 32, and in Italy, it is 38. To confuse everyone, the UK and the US use completely different size grids: adult sizes start at 6 ( for the UK) and out of 2 (for the US). And it's just clothes, but there are also shoes.

At different manufacturers, the size of shoes by brand differs even more than the parameters of clothing. And if you can squeeze into a slightly too small knitted sweater, then wearing tight shoes without discomfort is almost impossible.

Shoes should sit perfectly on the foot, do not rub, do not squeeze the foot and shin, the foot should not "hang" inside. Therefore, when buying shoes tablytsya branded shoe size is crucial.

Attempts to create international markings have led to obscure letter indexes, such as "M", "S", or "XL". It only helps to estimate the size, because it turned out that this labeling is different for each nation. Yes, the European will drown in the American "XL", but will hardly fit into the Asian "XXL".

It is very inconvenient that on one tag there can be several sizes at once therefore it starts to remind the multiplication table. And it is good if the manufacturer guessed at least to explain where whose size.

Also, in an effort to win the favor of the buyer, dimensional grid brand often on the label "reduced " and differs from actual size ohm things. Thus, the brand "flatters" the buyer - according to statistics, more often a thing is bought with a smaller number on the label.

All the size charts of the brand can help a little if you carry them with you, printing or rewriting.

But still, in order to choose what suits you without fitting can not do. The difference in size and shape today is so different that you can buy without fitting, online, except that bathrobes. In all other cases, discrepancies are possible even with full compliance with all the data in the tables.

For convenience, LookSize has gathered in one catalog of brands all the tables of sizes of clothes and shoes that will help you when shopping. These tables are taken from official sources and verified in the practice of purchases.

After analyzing the figure by measuring the parameters, the system shows the buyer the size that will suit him.

 Advantages of our online fitting room:

  • No paid and long downloads, fitting of goods online;
  • Construction of a three-dimensional picture, as close as possible to the real one, in contrast to fitting the photo;
  • Possibility to try on different sizes;
  • The system immediately notifies weaknesses - there briefly, then narrowly, and so on.
  • Virtual fitting room LookSize provides the opportunity to try on different items of clothing online, in real-time, making a remote selection of clothes easier and more convenient.

Life is good: Brand fitting online

This story of the American dream began in 1994. John Jacobs had just graduated from college, and his brother Burt was making money on pizza delivery. The young businessmen decided that it was time to get involved in the common cause. The investment - $ 200 - was spent on the purchase of T-shirts, they came up with the design and began selling T-shirts on the streets of Boston near colleges and at street fairs.

The boys knocked on all the doors in the truest sense of the word. They sold T-shirts in dormitories. One day, after a successful look at a student party, the brothers saw a man painted on the wall with the inscription " Life is good ". This phrase became the logo and name of the future company.

At first, Jacobs' businessmen just wanted to enjoy life. To do this, they moved into a van and traveled along the East Coast of the United States. At the same time, they sold T-shirts that brought a stable income. Surprisingly, today this brand sells not only T-shirts but a whole line of clothing for adults and children.

Today, Life is Good clothes can be purchased in almost 5,000 stores around the world. The annual turnover of the business exceeds $ 100 million. At the same time, 10% of the net profit goes to charity.

The most acute problem faced by those who want to buy Life is Good clothes online is fitting. Experienced shopaholics know one simple trick: try on a thing in a store in your city, and then order it in a foreign online store. And what if the store in your city does not have this brand?

And one thing is the outfits that we buy for ourselves: they can (and should!) Be tried on, but how to deal with gifts and correctly determine the size of clothes or shoes we need? Here the life is a good dimensional table that allows defining correctly correspondences will help, you will tell.

Such tables are not accurate to the millimeter (each individual brand, regardless of the country of manufacture, takes into account many factors when compiling its scale of sizes, and clothes of the same size of two different brands can differ significantly. We wrote about this above.

In this case, we, smart Ukrainians, have developed a virtual mannequin, or rather a fitting room. Now, having specified all your parameters, you can see how this or that thing will sit on you. Easy? It would!

The principle of its work is quite simple: you choose a brand, category, gender, specify your parameters, the system builds a three-dimensional model of your body and "puts" on it the thing you choose. You will see in which places the clothes will press and in which they will sit tightly. Now you can experiment with the selection of size, style, style.

It is enough to measure yourself once and make the parameters to then enjoy the speed and convenience of selecting a new wardrobe that suits your figure.

If you are tired of choosing the perfect outfit, you do not have time to measure a bunch of things, and the women's size chart life is good is missing, the application allows you to solve these problems as easily and quickly as possible.


Even if you have worn jeans of the same brand all your life and you know exactly your size, this does not mean that you can safely make a purchase without fitting.

In one store, a product of this size may be large for you, while in the store opposite it will be too small. And this happens with well-known brands. The reason for this is clear - most likely the thing is that tailoring is carried out in different parts of the world, in different factories. Apparently, there is some inconsistency of patterns, a small difference between which can lead to the most unexpected results. Well, in times when much more attention is paid not to quality but quantity, such discrepancies cannot be avoided.

Therefore, if it is possible to try physically - try! And buy online - also try. On lookSize!

To begin, you need to take measurements. Use a centimeter. It is convenient to do it in front of a mirror or ask for help from loved ones.

The centimeter should fit you snugly. Do not let it sag, but tighten too tight, it will distort the measurements. When ordering, consider the style and material of the product. If the thing should fit you snugly, choose a size to size. If you want a free silhouette, order a larger product.

The size of the shoes will depend on the size of your foot. An easy way to determine the size is to outline the foot on paper and measure the distance from the protruding parts. Do not forget about the season: when choosing winter shoes, keep in mind that you will wear them with socks.

Then you can "get" into the fitting room using the "My size" button, which is located on the product page under the value of its size. Enter the parameters, your virtual 2D mannequin appears, which shows your size.